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Active since 1998. Member of the ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers) since 2009. Our sub-publisher w-vide is Sony/ATV. Former EMI Music Publishing sub-publisher Baltic countries (1998 - 2011).

“MICREC Publishing” is a publisher for the compositions of particular authors, based on mutually signed agreements with those authors. This means that we have the same rights to the compositions as the authors have, namely: to allow or to forbid the usage of the compositions of particular authors; to carry out authorization of the composition of a particular author, if the user has expressed his or her willingness to make adaptation of particular composition or primary fixing in phonogram; to receive royalties for the usage of particular composition. 

“MICREC Publishing”, on behalf of the author carries out the registration of the composition in the local copyright organizations. In Latvia this organization is AKKA/LAA. “MICREC Publishing” has entitled AKKA/LAA to collect the royalties for the registered compositions for the public and mechanical usage, according to the mutual agreement. “MICREC Publishing” has exclusive rights to agree upon the usage of particular composition in advertisements, videos, feature films, and so on, as well as making translations or adaptations. In these cases “MICREC Publishing” has exclusive rights to collect the royalties without the mediation of AKKA/LAA. 

According to the mutual agreements with the Publishers, AKKA/LAA has the rights to collect the royalties in favor of the Publishers from Radio stations, TV and record companies for the public and mechanical usage of the compositions that are administrated by the particular Publisher. 

In our catalogue we have the compositions of such popular authors of Latvia as Renars Kaupers (BRAINSTORM), Musiqq, Rolands Udris (Udritis - THE HOBOS), Ainars Virga (LIVI), Andris Freidenfelds (LABVELIGAIS TIPS), Gunars Kalnins (Little GUNNAR), Rodrigo Fomins (Igo), Antra Stafecka, RYGA and many others.  As an example, the songs of Brainstorm at present could be heard in the Radio stations in Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Poland, and Russia as well as in the Baltic countries. As our company has registered these songs in the Copyright organizations of the above-mentioned countries, the authors will receive royalties. 

One of our very important achievemts is that at the end of 1999, we have signed Publishing agreement on all compositions with one of the most popular composer in Latvia Mr. Raimonds Pauls. His musical works have been sold over the 100 000 000 copies in former Soviet Union during the past 30 years! He has become popular in many other countries, such as Finland, Japan, Germany and many others.

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