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Gatis Mūrnieks publishes an emotional tribute to his father


Gatis Mūrnieks, a renowned singer-songwriter, has unveiled his most poignant creation yet, 'Vai tur būs laiks?'. This soul-stirring composition is a heartfelt tribute to his late father, a fellow musician who departed this world prematurely a year ago.


Gatis shares,' In April last year, I bid farewell to my father, a pillar supporting my musical and personal journey. His love for music, evident in his mastery of the saxophone, was the catalyst that ignited my passion for music from a tender age.'


The recording of this heartfelt song was masterfully produced by Gints Stankevičs. The accompanying music video, a labor of love, was filmed at the Meka bar in Ozolnieki, a place dear to Gatis and his friends. The video features Gatis' father's former comrades-in-arms, Uldis Jaunzems and Agris Koknevičs, and the talented drummer of Gatis' band, Aigars Kudrickis. A poignant detail in the video is a shirt designed by the talented Cappi, adorned with a heart on the chest, a touching tribute to Gatis' father.

Gatis: "In gratitude for everything, I wanted to write a dedication to my father. However, I hope this song will serve as a small consolation to anyone who has lost something significant and dear."

The song is available on streaming and download platforms worldwide: https://orcd.co/vaiturbuslaiks


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